Have 14mm will travel.

This Fourthird standard is confusing. Lenses marked 14mm gives only 28mm Field of view.

Here, a part of the Kuah town, Langkawi

This quiet town and lack of traffic make panorama shooting a breeze.

II also did a 360 deg panorama at one of the 2 observation platform in Langkawi.
Other than the malformed guy in the picture (actually he moved) it would have been perfect. Be warned..that picture is huge.

From Langkawi, it's back home to Selangor. in April 07, was my first of my many trip to F1 circuit in Sepang.

The Earth is round but that horizon is not that curved..it's exaggerated...Ok.. I accidentally tilted the camera at the two ends of my panorama. Could have corrected it in another software but it looked too nice so I left it as it was

More later..

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