Oh dear. Another year have passed and I am back here. It seems that it's becoming a yearly affair that I drop by this blog of mine to update.

Let's see. What have I done so far since Aug of 2012....

I have since sold most of my 4/3 gear and have started into collecting stuff for my micro Four third. The lighter and smaller camera makes it easier to lug around. But it have it's drawback. I cannot get pinpoint Auto focus. It's not a problem when shooting landscapes but when shooting portraits, it can be real challenging.

Went to AniManGaki 2012. No wide stuff only pretty faces..

Also went to the Beauty & The Beast @ Sunway Lagoon. Got to try out the nice primes that I got.
Done with the Zuiko 45mm /1.8 lens. Pretty impressive tiny lens and the details were superb.