All things Wide.

When I started dSLR photography, the first lens I got was the wide angle lens. ZD 11-22. Actually that was the only lens I could afford. I know nothing of f Stops, Aperture and etc etc..(which till today still a mystery to me). Arm with that lens and the 2 kits that came with my E-330, I went to Jiuchaigau, mentioned in the first post. Shot some wide shots there but I did not really like the stretching at the sides. This normal when using wide lenses. Hence the love of Panorama Photography was born..in me at least.

Quit that boring stuff...lets look at pictures of my travels..
Still at Langkawi,

This is taken on a boat heading out to the islands to see fishes, If you shoot fast enough, I found that I could still do a panorama.

A boring few months followed until that PutraJaya's fireworks in  August. I think that was the first time Fireworks were held there.

Shot from where I was seated before the fireworks started.

Late that year, I learn something  that panorama photography can do.While having a TT with a group of photographers,
 I could actually do a group shoot using this panorama technique. There is no need for a wide angle lens when in limited spaced environment. Just do a panorama.

Another thing I learn also late that year while I was having a holiday in Chengmai.

More on this in the next post.

Cheers for now.

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