Was back in Sepang after a 2 years break.

A long walk in.

A view of the track and Hillside

A view of the Paddock

Two by two...


Sorry for the distraction. Back to my history and Journey.

My first time going to the Sepang F1 track in 2007. I already started my journey of hardware WANTS. It's not items I needed but it's WANTS. On top of the  11-22, 14-45, 40-150, I bought that EC14 and Sigma 55-200.

Green horn at shooting moving cars,
 So what do you get? Cars parked on the track!!! BTW, I think that was shot with the 40-150 with the EC14 or it could be the sigma 55-200 The Focal length in the EXIF reads 199mm

After 1 whole day of trying to get something, I gave up.
So I shot WIDE. From the hill stand overlooking the F1 circuit.

And I also shot the race crowd

and from the C1 hillside looking over to the Grandstand
It was an experience that draw me back there in years to come.